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CT Maxx A-I Missing Letter Flash Cards




  • Missing Letter Flash Cards A - I (50 Cards)

CT Maxx Missing Letter Flash Cards A-I are a great accessory to the CT Maxx and a ton of fun! The A-I inserts are all that is required to play with these Missing Letter Flash Cards.

Challenge the brain with spelling and word recognition games using CT Maxx. This game provides additional mental stimulus to their routine making it not only a physical endeavor, but a mental one as well.

The Missing Letter Flash Cards were made to be used in any combination with any grid pattern and body position. These combinations give variety to standard routines, inducing greater focus to work the brain as much as the body.

"Hints" are provided on the back of the cards as a way of guiding clients when needed. This can also be used to increase the uses of the cards and provide a greater challenge for clients that are ready for a higher stimulus.